Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of cars do you use?
All of our vehicles are late model and meticulously maintained.  We offer L-Series Lincoln Town Cars, 10 Passenger Executive Vans, and 6, 10, and 14 Passenger stretch Limousines.  Please inquire further regarding exact make and model of a particular vehicle.

What cities do you serve?
We have over 750 affiliates in over 200 cities throughout the country.  We offer full service transportation at all of our clients’ destinations.  Please inquire about pricing with our reservationist. 

How can I get a receipt?
All of our customers receive a receipt at the time that the job is performed.  In addition, if another receipt is desired, it may be done so through our “Customer Log-In” on the main page of this website.  If a receipt is requested to be faxed, it may be done so verbally at (800) 798-0575.

How can I make, change, or confirm a reservation?
Customers that use our log-in system may make reservations that are automatically uploaded to our computer system.  Through this system, clients may modify existing reservations, check flight status, print receipts, and review past itineraries.  If customers wish not to use our log in system, changes may be made through e-mail at our website, or verbally at (800) 798-0575 or (401) 245-0575.  Regardless of how a reservation was made, we call to confirm and give the chauffeurs name and cell phone number the previous day of the job. We also send e-mail confirmation to all customers who provide an e-mail address.

Where will I find my chauffeur?
There are different pickup locations for all airports and train stations.  A customer service representative will be able to explain the proper location at the time the reservation is made.

How can I create an account?
If you are an existing user, please log-in by clicking here. This on-line service provides fully integrated client information and reservation management directly into our reservations and dispatch system instantly and without staff input or interaction. View a complete list of past, current, or future reservations even if not made On-Line. No longer do you have to wait for confirmations and trip receipts by mail or fax, print them right from your computer any time of day.

Are there minimum hours required for service?
There are minimum time requirements for nights out, some weddings and certain weekend events.  Please ask the customer service representative when making a reservation.

What does ‘All Inclusive’ mean?
All of our rates are all inclusive which means that all taxes, fuel surcharges, gratuities, airport fees, tolls, parking, wait time, soda and water, and newspapers.  This avoids any hidden fees.

Why do you need my flight information for departure flights?
As a courtesy to all of our customers, we monitor the flight status for all flights, and may be able to avoid unnecessary trips to the airport for cancelled or delayed flights.  This is just a courtesy, and not required to make a reservation.

Why do I need to give a cell phone number?
Although we take every precaution necessary to ensure that our clients are aware of their pickup location, mix-ups and changes sometimes occur, and a cell phone number allows us to easily contact you in the event of a change or miscommunication.  This is not required, but is extremely helpful.

Why do I need to give my e-mail address?
Although we don’t require an e-mail address, this feature allows our clients to review their itinerary electronically, and make sure that all necessary information has been entered properly.


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